About Furniture Market

Congratulations you have just discovered one of the best deals in the furniture industry, Furniture Market. We are not your average furniture store! We have the largest selection of both adult and kids bedroom furniture, formal and casual dining, home entertainment and home office furniture as well as the biggest selection of rustic furniture anywhere. We truly do have the best prices in the industry and that’s because we purchase over 90% our furniture container direct from the manufactures we do business with all over the world. At last count we were bringing in over 250 containers a year, (that’s a lot of furniture!).

No one buys furniture for less than we do, and no one sells furniture for less than we do; and I guarantee you will not find any paper over particle board like you find in most other stores. Our stores have more of a warehouse feel than the over decorated furniture stores you may be used to, thus reducing our overhead and ultimately your costs; and besides its how the furniture looks in your house not the store that counts. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and low pressure; we focus on educating our sales staff about furniture not about closing sales. Drop in and check us out, we are always getting new furniture and you will see first hand why the other stores don’t want you to find out about us.

Manufactures have a love hate relationship with us, they love our volume but they hate all the whining that they get from the other retailers that buy and sell the same items we do. To accommodate them, and in some cases to have access to the line we have promised not to advertise our prices. Imagine having the best deal in town and not being able to tell anyone. Please remember to tell someone about us.

In the ten years we have been operating we have never had to worry about how much someone else is selling their furniture for, or match anyone else’s price, because we are the benchmark for low pricing in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and all the other surrounding towns that have furniture stores. Our low prices have helped to make us the most hated furniture store in town especially in the case of Haverties and Lack’s; both of whom have used their clout to have furniture that they also carried in their stores removed from our store because we were selling it too cheap, it makes them look bad when one of their customers wander into our store and find the exact same dining set for $1,400.00 less. Sounds illegal, probably is but fortunately for you there are 1000’s of companies manufacturing furniture and we have access to every one of them. If Haverties and Lack’s seem expensive they are, and compared to us you will save well over 50%.

We're doing something right, as I bet we are the only store in town or for that matter the State that people from the four corners of Texas and beyond have traveled to, to make their furniture purchase. As of 2/29/04 we have sold furniture to 33 different states and 750 different zip codes.

No Gimmicks Just Low Prices. If you stick your head in the sand and try not to understand what the gimmicks that you hear advertised actually cost you are certain to pay too much. Just remember if free financing were really available it would have been long gone before you got there. We use all the same finance companies as everyone else with the same programs available. With each of these programs is a cost, and we are only too pleased to share what those costs are and make those programs available to you.

We opened January 1, 1999. Back then we specialized in oak and pine furniture, today we specialize in all types of wood furniture but we are a full line furniture store, and we continue to evolve and grow, thanks to you.

Don’t see what you want, just ask, we may access to it and will be happy to order it. Your cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card are welcome here. Financing is available with approved credit through Wells Fargo. We also offer free lay-a-way through other providers.