Dorm Daze: Gifts For A Graduate

With the school year coming to an end it’s time to celebrate those that are close to us that are receiving their degree. After four(+) years the graduate in your life is ready to set off for adventures. To celebrate their big day you want to give them something relevant to the dreams they are setting out to accomplish, but you also want to give them something special that they will really appreciate. Here are a few ideas for what to bestow upon them on their big day!

Also, while the gifts are listed by major, they are also great for those that may not be pursuing their education beyond high school, but aspire to work in these fields.

Math Majors: For those who are pursuing an education in mathematics these star lamps are perfect! Geometric shapes plus Beauty equals an awesome gift!
IMG 6090

Geography/History/Political Science Majors: These framed maps would look so great in a first apartment, and even better in a dorm room! It will show others the graduate is passionate about their major and the goals they’ve set forth. The flags are also great for those wanting to get into politics, and the people they want to one day represent!
IMG 6101IMG 6100

Geology majors: The rock enthusiast in your life is sure to lothese gorgeous crystals and decorative stones. Who says a bag of rocks makes a bad gift?
IMG 6096 IMG 6089
Engineering majors: Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what your graduate majors in, these lamps are insanely awesome. However, we think if you give this to anyone it should be the graduate pursuing the art of engineering.
IMG 6110

Paleontology majors: Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? However, with their immense passion for the subject, paleontology majors will really appreciate these cool dinosaur skeleton models!
IMG 6091
Film/Theater majors: Lights, camera, action! This cool tripod lamp will have your graduate in awe when they open it (trust me on this one).
IMG 6103
Agriculture majors: This cow canvas is perfect for those pursuing a career in agriculture and farming. Your graduate won’t be saying “moo” to this gift. (Get it? Instead of “boo” I said “moo”. Aren’t puns awesome?)
IMG 6099
Music majors: These cool statues are going to impress the aspiring music major, and will always have a place on their dorm desk.

IMG 6098IMG 6108

Maybe we didn’t list your graduate’s chosen major in this list, or perhaps your graduate is undecided but they have an immense amount of school pride. For them a school themed gift is perfectly appropriate. For the graduate attending/graduating from the University of Texas here in Austin we suggest a set of these badass longhorns!
IMG 6097